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Slushy Magic

October 3, 2011

Here at the Topsfield Fair we are always looking for new products to showcase and this year we have quite an interesting product that us here in the office are very excited to try. It is called Slushy Magic!

The basic idea is that the user can turn any beverage into a slushy drink. We are not exactly sure how it works exactly but it sure does look interesting. In four simple steps, it creates a slushy drink.

1)      Freeze the magic cubes

2)      Put the cubes in the slushy maker

3)      Add in your favorite cold drink

4)      And Shake! Shake! Shake!

It works with what is called “snowflake science.” The website explains the “Slushy Magic Cubes super freeze your drink, making hundreds of ice crystals in just about minutes.”

The product looks awesome and we cannot wait to try it. If you are interested in seeing Slushy Magic in action, visit their booth in the Fair Trade Center! Anyone own one and want to give us a testimony? Leave it in the comments below!


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  1. John Thompson permalink
    October 4, 2011 3:17 pm

    I bought 4 of these and my kids and their friends absolutely love them! Def a must see/have for Xmas or for yourself! The margiritas I made came out perfect!!!

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