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Fan Fav. 5 – Chrisse Santos

September 29, 2011
1. Seeing the piglets – Who can resist? There’s a reason there’s always a line at the Pig House – those baby piggies are some of the cutest guys around!
2. Buying fresh honey – I must spend ten dollars just on those little honey sticks alone in the Bee House. This is one of my die-hard traditions for the Fair!
3. Muttkins – My husband and I are not the only ones in our family who anxiously await the fair each year. Our Husky mix, Willow, patiently waits for her mom and dad to bring her back a Muttkin from the dog treat vendor right near the bee house. I can never remember their name, but oh boy, does Willow love those Muttkin treats!
4. Checking out the Trade Show – Another exhibit that we can’t pass up! We stop at every booth, drool over every jacuzzi, and try out every gadget we can! We picked up some great sheets last year!
5. The Horse Shows – From the big ole Clydesdale to the miscellaneous competitions, I love checking out these shows and these beautiful animals!
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