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It’s coming!!!

September 7, 2011

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22 Days and a bunch of hours! The Topsfield Fair is less than 23 days away, but it wasn’t until I got to the Office this morning that I realized how close that really was. Sure, yesterday there had been 3 people in a booth, cleaning and getting ready for the Fair, and of course, the some of the picnic tables have been put out (Thanks to our WONDERFUL maintenance team) but it wasn’t really the turning point quite yet…

Somehow, between when we left the office last night and got in early this morning, the first tent of the 2011 Fair Season was put up. Let me tell you, seeing the Farm Yard tent standing there, ready for the installation of animal pens was SO exciting, but later today something even MORE exciting happened…

Amid the dreary weather, a Seacoast Tent worker stepped into our Office asking if we could move our vehicles. In the rain he and his team set up the tent at the Main Gate. I have to hand it to them; they are so dedicated to the Topsfield Fair.

Later on, I found a package that had to go down to the Resource Center (near theTradeBuilding). On my way back from dropping them off I couldn’t help but notice that a THIRD tent had been set up! These stealthy tent company staff is suddenly making this making the Fair come VERY fast. The tent over the seating for the First Congregational Church of Topsfield Restaurant Booth was up and ready for action. Just think, in a little more than three weeks from now, that booth (and all the others!) will be open for business!

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